Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our Newest Addition

Day before delivery. Bliss (epidural). Baby Brynna.

Aunt Anna. Mama and Papa. Aunt Millie.

Grandma Karzee drove all

the way from Alaska on a

Harley to meet this baby! All 5!

Baker Visit

Our friends from UT came for a visit--we had a blast Hot-tubbing, eating, playing, swimming, Wii-ing, and hanging out. So glad they came!

(That's a lot of safe kids)

We packed into canoes and paddled around New River Park.

Sea-Kayaking out of First Landing State Park.


To celebrate their birthday, we hit McDonald's for happy meals, followed by Entemann's Danishes (daddy is 36) and a Donkey Kong cake (for the 5 yr-old, who also got a stuffed snake and a spy kit, complete with handcuffs--loved 'em!

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Monument 10k/ Fun run!

27 wks preggo...not my fastest 10k.

Millie, Jake, and I ran/walked in the Richmond Monument 10k/Kids fun run yesterday. There were over 40,000 participants and we had a fabulous time! Great meeting up with you, Minniemay (great run, by the way), and thank you, sweet Blairence, for making the trip at 4:30 am, running with Jake, and watching the kids while I participated!

Carlson Family Visit, Spring pics

Spring is coming!

Uncle Bill, Aunt Christine, Dallin, and Afton came into town for the birth of Chrystal and Steve's new baby. We met them in VA beach for dinner.

Kiwi gets outside! And wants to join the big boys!

Millie, Gma Connie visit

Thai food with Millie--delicioso!

Taking a walk by the lake: Blair and Elsa, Millie the great.

Gma Connie with K.
Mommy turns 33!

Weekend Getaway to Western VA

Luray Caverns: Amazing place! It's got the world's largest instrument: an organ that strikes the stalactites/mites throughout the caverns. Lower Lt: some formations are so delicate, they resemble cloth. Lower Rt: Applewood B&B, where we stayed.

"Foamhenge" An artist's rendering of Stonehenge, in Western Virginia

Crabtree Falls, along the blueridge parkway. Beautiful, and the tallest falls east of the Missisippi.

This "Natural bridge" actually serves as a bridge: traffic crosses over it. George Washington carved his initials in the rock below it. Blair enjoys the falls upstream from the bridge.

We loved our trip away and thank Grandma Connie for letting us leave the wild ones with her.

Bowser and the boys

Ready to add a 5th?

20 weeks preggo.