Sunday, April 03, 2011

Weekend Getaway to Western VA

Luray Caverns: Amazing place! It's got the world's largest instrument: an organ that strikes the stalactites/mites throughout the caverns. Lower Lt: some formations are so delicate, they resemble cloth. Lower Rt: Applewood B&B, where we stayed.

"Foamhenge" An artist's rendering of Stonehenge, in Western Virginia

Crabtree Falls, along the blueridge parkway. Beautiful, and the tallest falls east of the Missisippi.

This "Natural bridge" actually serves as a bridge: traffic crosses over it. George Washington carved his initials in the rock below it. Blair enjoys the falls upstream from the bridge.

We loved our trip away and thank Grandma Connie for letting us leave the wild ones with her.

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Can I play the organ??